Welcome to The Happiness Gap!

Hello, my name is Sarah Jane Perrett. My aim is to bring you resources to help you feel happy even when you feel sad, to form better relationships, to be OK even when everything is not OK and to point you in the direction of help and healing to become your best self ever.

I’ve had quite a few challenges throughout my lifetime and the information on this page is built from that rocky journey, things that I learned along the way, resources that I discovered which helped me, people that inspired me. I’m currently training as a Happiness Coach and am forming my own brand of ‘Thought Therapy’, so watch this space…

Disclaimer: I’m not medically trained aside from a diploma in Anatomy and Physiology and experience of my own ailments and remedies. Any health articles or recommendations on this site come with the express advice to always consult with your medical professional first for any health issues you are experiencing.

Finally, some of the products I recommend may be through an affiliate partnership, however I will ONLY recommend products and services that I genuinely believe in and feel passionate about.

I hope to see you here regularly and look forward to seeing your ‘best self’ emerge… happy days!

Lots of love,

Sarah Jane xxx