Become Invincible – Tap Into Your Super Power / Pt. 5

In Part 4 of this series, we looked at how to drop the people-pleasing.

Here is the last in a set of 4 steps you can explore to progress your journey to discover your true self and ultimately to become invincible.

Step #4: Drop the Act

Now that you know what is driving your behaviour and you can be at peace with all aspects of yourself, it’s time to drop those masks! Embrace yourself warts and all.

…when you meet a genuine person, you can feel their honesty, their authenticity, you have respect for them and you know you can trust them.

People can see your warts through the mask anyway, so you may as well. You know yourself that if someone around you is being false, you feel it. It’s like they have a red warning light above their heads and your instincts will kick in telling you that something doesn’t add up and not to trust them. Do you want to be viewed that way?

On the other hand, you know when you meet a genuine person, you can feel their honesty, their authenticity, you have respect for them and you know you can trust them. Imagine being in that category, what a great way to show up in people’s lives.

Removing your mask can feel absolutely terrifying at first. It can feel like death and in a way it is – it’s the death of the old, inauthentic you and the birth of the new genuine version. You’ll probably find you get a huge amount of kick-back from your ego whose job is to keep you safe. If you’ve ever had trauma or upset in your life, you could potentially have an over-reactive ego – it’s not its fault, it just views threats as larger than they really are and is trying to protect you. As you re-educate yourself to be OK with vulnerability, you’ll also be re-educating your ego and let’s face it, your ego is pretty much the one responsible for getting you into this mess in the first place, so ignore the tantrum it’s having and stay focused.

The more you show your true self, the easier it will get. Find your true and honest voice and speak your words. When those words are potentially hurtful, or difficult, say them with love and understanding in your heart and without judgement of others. Watch your relationships change for the better, even the challenging ones. You may lose some people along the way, but they will be the destructive, draining relationships that aren’t compatible with the new, authentic version of you.


This is an ongoing journey with a much happier life along the way and the ability to be Super Human to boot. Be patient with yourself, note any small victories such as the first time you say “No” to someone, or move on from a draining relationship.

Have faith that if you stay open to the experience, you’ll get to a place where the authentic you shines out. That has been my own personal experience – my life is so much easier and simpler since I started to be me instead of the manufactured version.

Off you go – faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound… the new, invincible you.

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